Empower and connect Los Angeles families through passive exercise.

Designers: John Eriksen + Nicole Wang + Travis Cantrell

About project


A twelve-week project that activates Los Angeles families in preparation for the 2024 Olympics; in partnership with Cedars Sinai, Garmin, Discovery Cube, Los Angeles Mayor's Office, and Los Angeles County Recreation and Parks






non-digital solutions

non-digital solutions

a kid a parent a grandparent


key words with specific colors

Research showed a significant demand to transform the Los Angeles community through engaging gamification to connect youth through activities and passive mindfulness and encourage cross-generational interaction through anti-digital practices.

roadmap/ timeline = sponsor needs: inclusive active public social

5-9 years

shaping phase

inclusive because we want to establish this broad user base within 3 years - stride

1-3 years

3-5 years

begin collecting basic user metrics

positiioning matrix here

why are these fresh and active brand colors that represent LA - picked art and photography from Los Angeles to give it that vibe

wide header for branding to establish a strong brand 40% of the screen just for branding

each has a different pattern per event

also show band next to screen

user testing - what does each button do? user journey

what is different? how does your app achieve its goal/ shighlight the nudge and how it makes it serve its purpose

if you go to a specific event you get a new background

connect - you change colors with personal active minutes

low key model

Encourage users through wearable to ditch the phone and use a new source of connectivity with the community

user testing